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Do you feel uncomfortable or not prepared to use AI tools?

Maybe you wish that you could create an AI-generated website just to see if it really works?

Have you seen the propaganda claiming content created by AI won’t actually rank?

This is actually okay. In some cases, complete AI content is discovered by Google, and hit with a penalty where you get traffic graphs that look like this:

[image jacky chou]

However, while the website was still growing, the owner was able to find new and untapped keywords that rank VERY easily. If AI content can rank, then what could an expert human do? My point is that even if you don’t think these website are going to be around in 5 years, even if they’re only around for a few months… you can use them as a guerrilla keyword experiment. 

However, as GPT-4 has started becoming the talk of the town… it’s becoming very clear that AI is growing in popularity due to how human-like it sounds and how difficult it is to filter. In fact, my own personal plan is to launch 10-20 of these AI websites, let them sit for a few weeks, then hire an editor to go in and add the things that GPT isn’t the best at:
– Images

  • Internal Links
    – Stories

– Formatting

– Videos

If I can have AI create an 1,000 word article, then hire an editor to edit that article for $10… I’ve effectively just paid $0.01 per word for an amazing article.

[Introducing The WordPress AI Bulk Publishing System]

A series of videos, spreadsheets, and resources to help you create and launch AI-generated websites that actually rank. This works even if you’re new to SEO due to the sheer amount of volume that an AI can produce with a single click. 

Bulk Publishing is a happy medium between programmatic SEO and informational content.

It makes the most of those keyword variations, such as, can cats eat cheese, can cats eat rice, can cats eat roast beef, etc., and turns them into a system.

This is the same system I’ve been using to publish 20-30 quality articles a day! 

The only limit is your imagination (and keyword research!)


=GETANSWER : Answer PAA or FAQs for rows of questions.

=GETTITLE : Generate an engaging headline for multiple rows of keywords at once.

=GETPARA : Generate a paragraph for any query, keyword or heading

=GETSUMMARY : Summarise complex research or a chunk of text into a set of unique bullet points at an 8th Grade Level

I have packaged this together with my Bulk Publishing Framework as they go hand in hand for the smart, creative niche site owner who is ready to take growth-hacking seriously 😏

In this mini-course, I also show you exactly how I use this killer combo and provide you with some examples of how to find the types of keywords that work best with this approach and how to break them down so you are turning them into quality outlines and posts.

I also go over how to publish them all at once using WP All Import (free) and what to do about internal linking and featured images 😉

Without giving too much of the game away, if I’ve hooked ya I’ve hooked ya… the rest is behind the sweet Gumroad Pay Wall!


  • AI keyword tool
  • AI image creation series
  • Human editing checklist
  • Building EAT


[Extra Bonus?]

[Wahat’s it gonna cost?]

  • You need WP All Import to make it easier
  • An Open.AI API Key (You can find your API key at https://beta.openai.com), Open AI gives you $18 worth of free credits which goes a long way for testing, but if you hope to publish hundreds of articles keep this in mind and set your usage cap if need be.

If you could click a button and create 50 websites covering various niches, each containing 500 individual posts, what would you pay? Imagine all the easy-win keywords you could discover for your main money site… or imagine if you hired an editor to go through all 500 posts and turn the niche site into an authority site with images, internal links, and high quality content. What is a setup like this worth to you?

To some, a tool that can instantly create a wordpress niche site is worth thousands of dollars. This is because you can automatically create content, install Ezoic and set up ads… then sit back and relax while your AI-generated website rakes in cash. Now, this is not guaranteed by any means, but if you’ve read this far, you probably have realized the power of AI.

This system of spreadsheets, tutorials, and custom created tools was built over hours and hours of studying how to integrate with GPT-3. You could set it up yourself, if you want, but if you want to skip that and use the super easy interface to generate your very first AI megasite, you can get it immediately by claiming it below:

Buy Now

What you get:

  • Spreadsheet
  • Framework
  • Tutorials
  • 30-day refund
  • Bonuses

Double Down and become an unstoppable creator by harnessing the power of AI and equipping yourself with these next-generation tools.

As time goes on, there will be more and more people who create these AI-websites, and when GPT-4 comes out, you’ll be able to immediately switch to it, avoiding any dated AI detection software. More and more people are stumbling upon the power of artificial intelligence, and now you hop on the train before it becomes saturated.

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How easy is it to make a 500 post site in my niche?

Easy is a very general term… but if you wanted to create a 500 post website, you could probably launch your first one within 3 hours. Once you are familiar with the framework and tools, you could probably create the next one in an hour. The task that takes the longest will probably be setting up WordPress with your own plugins and themes. 

How long until I see search traffic?

There is no answer for this, since it is highly dependent on the quality of articles you create through prompting, the niche, the competition, and if you do other things like link building. Arielle has a site receiving almost 40,000 pageviews per month in less than a year. 

How technical is this?

You will be messing around with WordPress plugins and Google sheets, including some advanced sheet equations, but Arielle does a great job at explaining them and including specific videos that walk you through each step of the way. 

What happens if I am stuck and need help?

Like I mentioned earlier, the videos are very simple to watch and follow along with, but if you happen to get stuck along the way or have any questions… you can simply send an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 


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